Frequently Asked Questions

What do we bring for a charter?

- White soled shoes
- Refreshments
- Adequate clothing
- Sun Block and sun glasses
- Snacks [if no catering has been arranged]
- A chilly bin to put your fish in, but please leave this in your car until we return.  We don't want you tripping over whilst fighting that big fish.
- Sun hat AND you are welcome you to bring your own fishing equipment.

What don’t we bring on a charter?

Inappropriate footwear

What happens if the weather isn’t suitable on the day of our charter booking?

Whilst we will endeavour to ensure you have a fantastic time regrettably we cannot control the weather and from time to time your trip may need to be postponed, this will be at the discretion of the Skipper and the decision will be made the day of your charter.

How do I book or make further enquiries?

Complete the contact form to book or enquire about your charter.

Alternatively ring Andrew – 0274928418 or Ross – 0274983243 or Wayne – 0274867361 as Andrew, Ross and Wayne will be more than happy to discuss and customise a charter to fit your every need.